What Are All Bills Paid Apartments?


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All bills paid apartments are units for which the landlord assumes financial responsibility for heat, water, electricity and garbage collection, as well as cable TV, Internet access and phone service. Heat and water are normally included in apartments, whereas other utilities are not routinely included.

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Apartments that include all utilities, including those for which renters are traditionally responsible, usually come with higher rental fees. Renters should carefully read leases to understand what is included in a rental agreement, advises Apartment.com. In exchange for higher rent, renters enjoy freedom from the duty of paying bills and switching services to and from their own names. The property owners have the disadvantage of having limited control over their tenants' energy usage, and the tenants may be unaware of the cost of utilities in this arrangement.

Before signing a lease, tenants should gather an estimate of what utilities cost so they know whether a suite is fairly priced or not. Under an all bills paid contract, landlords can face stiff punishments for not paying their tenants' utility bills, notes About.com. Nevertheless, landlords may prefer to keep the bills in their names for ease of payment or if the utility costs are not easily dividable, such as in a rooming house.

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