What Bills Can You Pay Online With a Capital One Account?


Nearly any individual or business in the United States can be paid using Capital One's online banking bill pay service, as of 2015. Capital One does not charge additional fees for bill paying services, and cardholders can pay as many bills as they like each month using Capital One.

To use Capital One's online bill pay service, cardholders must sign into their accounts or enroll in online banking with Capital One. Once signed in or enrolled, cardholders should click the "Pay Bills" tab to start the process of paying bills.

Some of the benefits of using Capital One for bill paying include next-day payments for many payees that cardholders pay each month, the ability to schedule recurring or one-time payments and the convenience of online banking, according to Capital One's official website.

An additional perk of using the bill pay service with Capital One is that Capital One guarantees bills are paid on time and will reimburse cardholders up to $50 for any late fees or penalties that arise if a scheduled bill does not get paid before the due date. To qualify, the bill must be scheduled at least 4 days prior to the due date. Capital One will also work with the payee to resolve issues that might arise with late payments.