How Do You Bill Transportation to Medicaid?


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The process for billing Medicaid for transportation depends on the state, and patients should contact their local Social Security office or other Medicaid provider directly for the necessary information, as noted by The Kaiser Family Foundation. Some states require prior approval before offering medical transportation coverage, and those benefits vary by location. Additionally, many states require transportation brokers to contact Medicaid for reimbursement.

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Medical transportation is a benefit offered by most Medicaid programs, however, each individual state administers and reimburses these benefits in different ways, according to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Patients should review the options available within their state and, if necessary, may need to contact state administrators for approval of medical travel coverage. Many states pay a fixed fee directly to the transportation provider.

The provider may contact Medicaid directly for reimbursement, with information about the services it provided to the recipient. Transportation may be coordinated directly by the health care provider or by the transportation agency. Reimbursement may be determined on a mileage, per-patient or per-service basis and may be arranged by the patient or the health care provider, depending on state policies, as the Kaiser Family Foundation claims. Coverage may be limited to specific areas. Travel frequency may be restricted by the state Medicaid program.

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