How Do You Find a Bill-of-Lading Form in PDF Format?


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Find bill of lading PDF forms online through sites such as TidyForms.com, FormSwift.com, Fedex.com and FreeBillOfLading.com, as of 2015. Some sites offer template or sample forms as free downloads, while others offer tools for creating a custom form and saving it as a PDF.

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A bill of lading is a document used in international shipping to specify the transfer of ownership between parties through a carrier service, though some companies may use them for domestic shipping as well. TidyForms.com offers several different sample forms for use in the event that the buyer has already made the payments for the goods, as well as for sales in which payment is due after the delivery of the goods.

FormSwift.com offers a bill of lading generation tool, which presents you with a blank document which you may customize to suit your needs. It includes sections to enter the date of creation, destination address, origin address and the carrier tracking information.

FedEx.com provides you with multiple bill of lading forms for use in domestic and international shipments, mostly within North America. It organizes the forms according to the country of origin, then by the destination country.

FreeBillOfLading.com offers a free PDF for use in either payment situation, as well as some additional information about the process to fill it out.

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