How Big Is a 5000-Square-Foot House?


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The amount of space a 5,000-square-foot house takes up depends, in part, on its design. For instance, a sprawling home with a 4,422-square-foot first floor and very small second floor has a width of 134 feet, a depth of almost 150 feet and a height of over 31 feet.

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However, if the total square footage is spread more evenly between floors, the house requires less land. A block-shaped house with a 3,274-square-foot first floor and a 1,729-square-foot second floor has a width of only 70 feet, a depth of 90 feet and a height of 39 feet. If another level is added, one relatively square house design is about 54 feet wide, 59 feet deep and 32 feet high.

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