What Are Bid Sheets for Commercial Cleaning?


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Commercial cleaning bid sheets contain proposed cleaning services a company wishes to offer and rates for performing the specified cleaning work. The bid sheet outlines in detail what rooms and items are to be cleaned. For example, a commercial cleaning company bidding to clean a residential kitchen would include rate estimates for cleaning items such as the refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink, cabinets, countertops, tables, floors, walls and kitchenware.

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When deciding what to charge to clean various items, companies can consult an online commercial cleaning rate calculator. Rate calculators assist in itemizing typical business cleaning services offered, such as bathrooms and bathroom supplies, offices, break room, flooring, carpet vacuuming, stairs, square footage, cleaning days and employee hourly wage. These numbers are useful in figuring out what rates to include on a pricing bid sheet. Companies must also add potential profit margins to the overall bid amount.

Bid sheets are usually part of a cleaning bid proposal package that can also include a cover letter introducing the cleaning service, a title page, benefits, price summary, contract terms, guarantees, warranty and special topics related to the specific job. In order to convey trust to potential cleaning customers, it is recommended that companies submit a written proposal along with a price sheet.

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