How Do You Bid for Janitorial Work?

Bid for janitorial work by meeting with the potential client to discuss the scope of the job and receive a tour of the facilities, preparing a thorough estimate of the total cost for the project and submitting an official proposal in a timely manner. The bid form may also include details about additional services and benefits of choosing your company, such as sustainable practices or unique cleaning features.

When preparing a bid for janitorial work, it is important to reach out to the client directly to request an in-person meeting at the job site. This allows you to make an introduction to the clients and begin forming a relationship, which can help to differentiate from other bidders. This also provides the opportunity to see the facilities in question, noting special areas such as mobility restricted landscape areas that require special cleaning tools.

Ask the client about specific requirements for the job as well as priorities. Information from this meeting allows the bid to be tailored to the client. The form must include a clear statement of the services offered, along with rates and an estimate of the final cost. Submit the form to the client along with a short message referencing your meeting.