What Is the Link Between Heart Disease and Sweating?


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Sweating profusely and suddenly, without having a fever or temperature, is a serious indication of a person having a heart attack, states WebMD. While there are other clear signals that should signal a heart attack, sweating appears to be the symptom more people take seriously.

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When a person has chest pain for longer than five minutes, accompanied by symptoms including sweating, difficulty breathing, dizziness, extreme weakness and nausea, calling an ambulance is the fastest way to reach life-saving treatment, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Angina, or chest pain, is often mistaken for indigestion or heartburn, but when other symptoms are felt at the same time, the signals point toward a heart attack. When a person recognizes these signals, such as sudden profuse sweating, it is vital not to delay action for the best possible outcome.

Women are shown to be less likely than men in recognizing signals of a heart attack and seeking treatment, notes the Cleveland Clinic. Symptoms for women can start a month before getting a heart attack and may appear as unusual fatigue, indigestion or anxiety. Sudden profuse sweating is a big red flag that should alert a potential heart attack victim to take notice of any other symptoms that might relate to a heart attack, and seek immediate medical help.

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