Which Is Better for Your Money, Central HMO or Dental PPO Coverage?


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PPO and HMO insurance both have advantages and disadvantages and which plan is better depends on individual patient needs, notes CanDoFinance.com. PPO plans are best for patients who want a large network of dentists, whereas HMO plans are usually more affordable and often have free preventative care.

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Which Is Better for Your Money, Central HMO or Dental PPO Coverage?
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HMO and PPO plans both offer basic dental coverage and may save patients money on out-of-pocket expenses, as CanDoFinance.com states. Both plans provide a network of dentists. HMO plans do not cover services at out-of-network dentists, while PPO plans do but offer a smaller discount than for in-network dentists.

HMO plans may offer fewer options to patients but often provide more coverage of costs, reports CanDoFinance.com. Many PPO plans have an annual or lifetime coverage limit and require patients to pay the rest out-of-pocket. This may be more difficult for patients who need more services or have a large family. HMO plans are often cheaper than PPO plans but may not have the dental network or coverage needed. Wait times at HMO dentists are often longer.

PPO plan dentists are paid per service and are often more wiling to see new patients than HMO dentists, who are more profitable if they see fewer patients.

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