What Does the Better Business Bureau in New York Do?

What Does the Better Business Bureau in New York Do?

The Better Business Bureau of New York provides consumers with reports and general services related to a wide range of businesses and charitable organizations. This includes reliability reports, conflict resolution services and general complaint processing.

The primary function of the Better Business Bureau is to provide consumers with detailed information regarding the operational history of various businesses and charities. This includes a list of past consumer complaints, organizational operating procedures and reports relating to the manner and method in which organizations have resolved consumer complaints in the past.

The Better Businesses Bureau also publishes articles designed to increase general consumer awareness. Articles cover a wide range of topics and industries including travel tips, best practices for renting or buying a car, and general shopping strategies.

The Better Business Bureau also publishes detailed reports regarding consumer scams and fraud prevention. These articles are targeted at both consumers and businesses owners. They outline general strategies for preventing general consumer fraud. It also publishes articles addressing current popular scams, which include steps businesses and consumers can take to protect themselves.

The Better Businesses Bureau also works directly with businesses and charitable organizations. It provides organizations with reports that include consumer complaints as well as suggestions for resolving future issues.