What Is the Better Business Bureau of California?


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The Better Business Bureau of California is the California arm of the national Better Business Bureau organization. The California branch collects complaints through multiple local locations spread throughout the state. It also serves as an arbitrator of mediator for disputes, reviews local ads and serves as an overwatch organization for charities in the California area.

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The Better Business Bureau devotes much of its efforts to communication with consumers about businesses in their area. This includes BBB-accredited businesses. Businesses gain accreditation by following a list of rules concerning ethical behavior. The businesses first show that they behave in an ethical manner, then after accreditation, the businesses agree to allow the BBB to monitor their activities for compliance with BBB standards. In return, the BBB recommends these businesses to consumers who make inquiries at the local offices.

Along with accreditation, the BBB also collects consumer complaints on businesses. This includes any scams that may appear locally. This complaint information is included with business reviews that are accessible via the local BBB office or on the website for that office. A complaint does not mean that the company in question is guilty of the action being reported, or if it is, it may simply be a rare occurrence.

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