What Are the Benefits of Working With Teacher Employment Agencies?


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Some benefits of working with a teacher employment agency include access to a larger number of jobs, increased visibility to employers, aid in tailoring resumes and the ability to work with a recruiter to find positions. Some agencies also focus on specific types of schools or recruitment for teachers in specific subjects.

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Teacher recruitment agencies allow applicants to reach more jobs due to exclusive contacts with educational institutions. When these schools have open positions, they turn to the agencies for potential candidates first before opening the search to the general public. As such, the agencies can connect applicants to employers that they would otherwise be unable to access. The agencies also hold higher standards for their applicants, which means the employers view the candidates with a higher level of esteem due to the connection with the agencies.

Many agencies also work with applicants to improve resumes, highlighting the best skills and experience for each position. Some agencies may also offer interview training and preparation courses. Agencies allow applicants to apply to jobs nationwide easily, as the agencies disseminate their resumes to all of their clients. Similarly, if applicants wish to work for private or parochial schools, agencies may help them locate more relevant opportunities, as these institutions often work heavily with recruiters.

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