What Are the Benefits of Working for the Con-Way Trucking Company?

What Are the Benefits of Working for the Con-Way Trucking Company?

Benefits that Con-way offers employees include: competitive salaries, health care coverage, 401(k) plans, life insurance, stock purchase plans, employee assistance, business travel insurance and paid time off. Con-way offers benefits for health and wellness programs, too, and provides employees with growth opportunities through training and improvement programs. Con-way extends some benefits to family members of employees, too, such as offering education tuition assistance for employees' children.

Competitive pay rates:

Con-way advertises competitive salaries as key to attracting and retaining employees. Con-way encourages optimal performance from employees through its Variable Pay program, which offers higher salaries for employees meeting performance standards established by management.

Health insurance coverage:

Another key benefit Con-way provides is health insurance coverage; employees select one of two plans, and receive coverage for in-network providers free of charges.

Life insurance:

Con-way also attracts employees through life insurance payments; basic plans cover expenses for home and property care approximately double employees' base salary rate, although employees may upgrade plans for additional costs.

401(k) plans and stock purchase plans:

For retirement savings, Con-way offers a 401(k) savings plan. The company contributes to employees' plans, even if they do not. Con-way exists as a publicly traded organization, and gives employees the option of purchasing stock, which deducts from their payrolls.

Additional benefits:

Additional benefits include business travel insurance, paid time off, scholarships for employees' children, disability coverage, dependent care, direct deposit and employee assistance.