What Are the Benefits of Using Walmart's Money Network?


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The benefits of using Walmart's Money Network for employees include convenience, safety, control, accessibility and flexibility in terms of deposits, purchases and payments, according to Money Network. Individuals can enroll in this network with no start-up fee, no monthly fee and no credit check or background check required.

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Money Network points out that one of the chief benefits of using Walmart's Money Network is the convenience. For those in the network, their payroll is immediately deposited, so they do not have to wait to pick up a check and then wait to cash it. Additionally, the network provides safety and convenience, as employees do not have to carry around cash and checks that may be lost. If the Money Network Paycard is stolen or lost, the employee is protected via the network.

Another part of the Money Network's convenience is that it is accepted anywhere that Mastercard is accepted, meaning that enrolled employees can use it flexibly around the world for both purchases and to make payments. Finally, the Money Network is naturally convenient for employees who spend a lot of time at Walmart, allowing them to easily access cash from the store via the Paycard and to make cash deposits into their accounts through the store, says Money Network.

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