What Are the Benefits of Using the LabCorp Patient Portal?

What Are the Benefits of Using the LabCorp Patient Portal?

The LabCorp patient portal provides a convenient way for patients to find nearby labs for specimen collection, to prepare for lab tests, and to access results and health information online 24 hours a day. The portal allows patients to make laboratory appointments and pay LabCorp bills online by providing their invoice number and ZIP code.

The LabCorp patient portal lists over 1,500 locations in the United States that provide laboratory testing services. Once users create free accounts, they can use the LabCorp locator tool to find the nearest testing lab, make online appointments, and modify and cancel previous appointments.

Through the LabCorp Beacon patient tool, patients receive lab results directly via email as soon as the ordering physician releases them. They are also able to view, track and download these results and share them with family, friends and medical practitioners at different access levels.

LabCorp account holders may use the portal to manage health information for their entire families, since the platform allows a single account to have multiple health records. Account holders can access information about specific laboratory tests in the Resources section of the portal and view and select from a wide range of insurance providers accepted by LabCorp.

The portal offers patient support on all LabCorp services through its Patient Support section.