What Are the Benefits of Using an Income Tax Booklet?

Using an income tax booklet minimizes errors by providing simple guidelines to follow, and explains when taxpayers qualify for certain deductions, reports the Internal Revenue Service. It contains up-to-date information about changes to tax law, educates taxpayers about their tax rights and obligations, and offers steps to avoid filing mistakes.

An income tax booklet enlightens an individual about tax breaks available in specific tax categories. The booklet provides information that helps people determine their qualifications for filing status, such as qualifying widow(er), which helps to lower their taxes. The filing requirements listed in the booklet also help individuals in ascertaining whether they actually need to file a return, says the Internal Revenue Service.

The tax booklet points out special rules to follow in filing tax returns. By highlighting the consequences of omissions or actions, the booklet provides direction to individuals and helps them make accurate entries. The booklet clarifies tax issues and gives tips that expedite the processing of refunds, notes the Georgia Department of Revenue.

A tax table in the booklet helps tax filers determine the amount of tax due, and provides information about how to file amended returns, in case of errors, states the Internal Revenue Service. The booklet provides contact information and related resources for taxpayers with tax law questions.