What Are the Benefits of Using a Fastrac Gas Card?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fastrac Gas Card?

Fastrac member cards offer discounts on every purchased gallon of gas with no membership or credit card fees. In addition, Fastrac card discounts are automatically applied at the pump based on current Fastrac discount rates.

Fastrac cards work at all Fastrac locations. Cardholders are allowed up to five cards for every account, and all transactions result in an email transaction notice.

Applicants for a Fastrac member card need a valid driver's license, checking account and working email address. Fastrac member cards can be obtained at any Fastrac location. After receiving the card, the cardholder can use it to log into the Fastrac website and begin receiving benefits.

Fastrac also offers member cards for small businesses. In addition to the standard benefits, Fastrac offers unlimited cards per account for small businesses, as well as the ability to use the card on merchandise. Cards are PIN-protected, and accounts are securely linked to the cardholder's bank account as an electronic check payment.

Fastrac's website lists 39 locations across the state of New York. It offers freshly made pizza at every location, and its pizzas are made from fresh ingredients that are made to order and never frozen. Its pizzas can be ordered online.