What Are the Benefits of Using Express Scripts?


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Express Scripts allows people to simplify the process of getting their prescriptions filled through home delivery service and over-the-phone management. Through subsidy companies, they're able to offer advanced services for patients with special medical needs.

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Express Scripts offers home delivery of prescription medication, which allows people to avoid trips to the pharmacy. For some people, trips to the pharmacy are primarily an inconvenience, but others need to rely on friends or family members. Express Scripts can help people maintain their independence.

One advantage of Express Scripts over other pharmacies that offer delivery service is its large size, which enables it to negotiate for lower drug prices. In addition, it's better able to work with large medical organizations and health insurance companies; its leverage sometimes results in lower prices.

However, there are a few disadvantages of working with Express Scripts. While patients can talk with pharmacists over the phone, not being able to see their patients puts their pharmacists at a disadvantage. In addition, those who use Express Scripts are not able to take advantage of lower prices at local pharmacies, particularly those that offer heavily discounted drugs in retail settings. For some people, the cost of driving to the pharmacy may be lower than the cost of avoiding transportation by using Express Scripts.

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