What Are the Benefits of Using Employee Self-Service?


The benefits of using employee self-service include more time for human resources to devote to other tasks, increased employee independence, fewer errors, saving money and increased morale, according to HR World. Revenue generation is another possible benefit, says HR Revolution Technology.

Employee self-service tends to result in better satisfied employees, claims HR World. Since workers can immediately access a range of information including insurance plans, retirement plans and training schemes, they are more in control of their work lives. They can also instantly correct erroneous data, which benefits employers because the company's data is as recent and as accurate as possible.

Other benefits to employee self-service include saving time for human resources personnel, according to HR World. Instead of focusing on employee requests that use up time, personnel can concentrate on higher-level work such as recruitment.

Self-service also cuts costs, in part because more work is done electronically than on paper, claims HR Revolution Technology. Cost cutting also occurs because accurate information and a range of options are on hand. Revenue generation is also possible in situations where a business signs up as an affiliate with an online company. If an employee clicks the link to that company from the self-service portal and purchases something, the business gets a percentage of the purchase.