What Are the Benefits of Using Doculivery for Pay Stubs?


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Some of the benefits of using Doculivery for pay stub management include allowing employees constant access to the documents, immediate delivery during payment periods and historical records of payments. The system also offers financial savings for employers, as it removes the need to print and mail the documents.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Doculivery for Pay Stubs?
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Doculivery is an online document management service that features several custom service models for specific tasks, including pay stub delivery. One of its biggest benefits to employees is that it allows them to immediately access the pay stubs as soon as the company issues them, rather than having to wait for them in the mail or pick them up from an office. The system is able to notify employees with an email or text message alert as well. It also features unique login credentials for each employee, offering high levels of privacy and security. Additionally, it automatically stores past pay stubs, which means the employee has a record of all payment information.

In terms of its benefits to employers, Doculivery pay stubs decrease cost because the company does not need to pay for printing and shipping of the documents. The online storage also reduces the need for physical document storage space. Employers are also able to customize the pay stubs to include a company logo or contact information and include various custom information for payments.

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