What Are the Benefits of Using a Choose 'N Charge Catalog?


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Benefits of shopping for items using a Choose 'N Charge catalog program include the convenience of not having to pay full price upfront for items and the option to pay for selected items in fixed-price monthly installments. Choose 'N Charge programs usually don't require annual participation fees, and catalog companies may increase credit lines for consumers who consistently pay on time.

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To start using a Choose 'N Charge program, consumers must select one or more items from a catalog to purchase and then open a Choose 'N Charge account. There is a short application process to go through that involves answering a few basic questions. Customers submit the order, including contact information, and wait to hear if their applications are approved. Approval is not automatic, and it can take up to 24 hours to receive word from the company. Upon approval of the credit application, customers are required to pay a specific amount of money per month towards the total purchase amount.

Choose 'N Charge catalog companies, such as Seventh Avenue and Midnight Velvet, use an escalating pricing model for buy-now, pay-later programs. These catalog companies offer payment plans for purchases totalling between $200 and $600, as of 2015. Read the terms and conditions section for installment payment plans to find out about interest rates.

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