What Are the Benefits of Using a Capital One Credit Card?

benefits-using-capital-one-credit-card Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Capital One credit card users enjoy online and mobile account access, fraud coverage, travel insurance and warranty protection on purchases, states Capital One. Some cards include additional benefits, such as cash back and travel rewards.

All Capital One credit card accounts include online banking to review transactions, view balances and rewards and make payments, notes Capital One. Customers can also set up text or email alerts to be notified of account activity or security concerns.

Credit card accounts are continuously monitored and customers are immediately notified of any potential fraudulent activity by phone, text or email, advises Capital One. The online credit tracker allows customers to monitor their credit score and perform simulations to see predicted changes to their score based on their financial activity. Additionally, customer service representatives are available 24 hours per day to assist cardholders.

Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees when customers use their credit card abroad. Customers who purchase airfare with their card receive free travel insurance that covers loss of life or limb. Rental car coverage for collision or theft is also offered, states Capital One. If a card is stolen during travel, customers can receive an emergency replacement card and a cash advance to minimize trip disruption.