What Are Some Benefits of Using Amazon's Order Fulfillment Service?

As of 2015, benefits of the Fulfillment By Amazon service include saving money on warehouse and operations costs, access to a Web interface for managing inventory, and the ability to list products on Amazon.com and have them qualify for special shipping options. The service also provides access to the Amazon.com customer support system and enables companies to ship products from purchases on other platforms.

Businesses that use the Fulfillment By Amazon service can reduce overhead and operating costs by storing all products within Amazon warehouses rather than maintaining their own facilities. Participating businesses can ship products to nearby fulfillment centers in single orders or batches, where Amazon catalogs the shipments and adds the details to its digital inventory management system. The business also saves money by not having to directly employ people to process orders, as Amazon workers handle the entire process.

When a customer purchases a product from a company participating in this program, the purchase also qualifies for free shipping on orders that meet minimum purchase requirements. Customers who experience shipping or product issues on orders fulfilled by Amazon can access customer support from Amazon's customer support team rather than the seller. This saves time for the seller and money otherwise spent on returns and customer support agents. Sellers can also manage inventory remotely, make adjustments to prices and other details, and connect other platforms to the system so that Amazon may ship those orders for the same price.