What Are Some Benefits of Used Office Equipment?


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Advantages of used office equipment include saving time on delivery, saving on overall costs and retaining the equipment's resale value. Buying used office equipment is also better for the environment. Places that commonly have used office equipment include chambers of commerce, online auction sites and classified ads.

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Buying used office equipment can save a person time by not having to wait the extended period of time it may take for new office equipment to be delivered. Used office equipment can usually be delivered within 48 hours or fewer. Depending on the overall condition of the equipment, it can be indiscernible from brand new equipment. Another advantage of used office equipment is that business owners can get top-quality equipment at a discounted price, sometimes up to 50 percent off of the price of brand new equipment.

Used office equipment is more environmentally friendly because it takes time for the materials in discarded equipment to break down. Rather than sending unwanted office equipment to a landfill where it may spend several years deteriorating, it can instead be reused or re-purposed. Like cars, office equipment's resale value depreciates over time. With used office equipment, the new owner can retain as much as 75 percent of the equipment's total resale value.

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