What Are the Benefits of a United Family Life Insurance Policy?

What Are the Benefits of a United Family Life Insurance Policy?

The benefits of a United Family Life Insurance policy include accidental death coverage, bonus extensions and life insurance with living benefits. The life insurance policy also covers burdensome costs involved when a chronic, critical or even a terminal illness strikes and accrues costs that often are not covered by traditional health insurance benefits, as reported by the Assurant Preneed Company.

In accidental death coverage, clients can elect to have their 20 annual premiums returned to them after 20 years of membership. Clients are also eligible to most insurance plans of the company even if they are unhealthy.

No benefit is payable under the accidental death coverage plan when death is due to:

  • Participation in a riot
  • Committing an assault or felony
  • Suicide or infirmity
  • illness or disease of any kind
  • Voluntarily taking poison or drugs, or inhalation of any toxic substance
  • Travel or flight in aircraft unless the insured is a passenger with no duties in connection with the flight whatsoever

The primary focus of United Home Life Insurance company is to provide affordable, flexible life insurance solutions that meet the needs of customers. Other than coverage for final expenses, the company also runs such programs as mortgage protection, family protection and life insurance for juveniles, as stated on the company's website.