What Are Some Benefits of the Unique Platinum Credit Card?

Some of the benefits of a Unique Platinum credit card include a $1,000 credit line and zero percent financing on purchases, explains Unique Card Services. In addition, cardholders receive legal assistance, roadside assistance and daily discount offers. The application process for a Unique Platinum card does not require a credit check, so no applicants are turned down due to poor credit. The application is quick and secure, and the monthly payments for the card are low.

A Unique Platinum credit card allows the cardholder to purchase goods through the Unique Card Services Shopping Club, according to Unique Card Services. Cardholders can place orders online or via mail or phone. The cardholder pays for the item using his Unique credit card, and he can choose to pay the shipping and processing fees via another credit card or by electronic check draft, money order or check.

With the auto-pay program, if a cardholder has an outstanding balance on his account, Unique Card Services automatically deducts the monthly payment, the company explains. The monthly payment is either ten percent of the cardholder's balance or $25, whichever is greater. The auto-pay program prevents a cardholder from incurring a fee due to a late payment.