What Are the Benefits of Ty-Gard 2000?


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Ty-Gard 2000 is easy to install and remove to allow users greater convenience while securing goods. Users can secure various kinds of cargo transported in drums, flexible intermediate bulk containers, palletized goods or general cargo, according to Walnut Industries. Able to perform in a wide range of temperatures, Ty-Gard secures products in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries that require transportation of goods in refrigerated containers, notes Complete Packaging Systems.

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What Are the Benefits of Ty-Gard 2000?
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The restraint system is flexible and sturdy to keep cargo from shifting, which can cause damage to products and equipment during transportation. Ty-Gard minimizes the risk of injury to transport personnel and wards off injury or product-related liability, according to Walnut Industries. Laminated with high-strength adhesive, Ty-Gard 2000 adheres easily to trailer walls, is easy to remove and leaves the walls residue-free, states Complete Packaging Systems.

Ty-Gard 2000 is a tested method for securing dangerous goods, and regulators such as the Association of American Railroads and the Bureau of Explosives approve it, says Complete Packaging Systems. The Ty-Gard system meets local and international guidelines for securing cargo laid down by the Department of Transportation, United States Coast Guard, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, explains Walnut Industries.

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