What Are the Benefits of TRICARE Standard?


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The benefits of Tricare Standard include no premium payments or enrollment fees, and members are free to choose non-network doctors, according to Military.com. Depending on rank, it also has affordable deductibles of up to $300 for members on active duty.

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Tricare is responsible for any additional costs incurred by members when they visit non-network doctors, states Military.com. This benefit applies if a sponsor is on a contingency duty for more than 30 days and for Guard & Reserve dependents during pre-active and active periods. It also applies when TAMP covers a member covered at the time of deactivation. Members on active duty can only pay up to $1,000 for services, known as a catastrophe cap, which means that they can access free services once they reach the limit.

Tricare Standard fully pays for clinical preventive services such as screening for breast, colorectal, cervical and prostate cancer, explains Military.com. It also covers immunization for children under the age of 6. It also provides for hospice care and home health care.

Retirees can enjoy an annual low deductible of up to $300. They only pay a 25 percent copayment for ambulance services, ambulatory surgery, behavioral health and emergency services, according to Military.com. Other services that members only have to pay a 25 percent copayment for include newborn care, skilled in-patient nursing, outpatient visits, and laboratory and X-ray services. Coverage also includes DME, prosthetic devices and medical supplies.

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