What Are Some Benefits of Tricare For Life?

TRICARE For Life is supplemental insurance coverage that pays after Medicare for U.S. covered participants, notes its website, TRICARE.mil. TRICARE For Life coverage is Medicare-wraparound coverage for TRICARE members who have Medicare Parts A and B. The benefit of having the coverage is that it pays the participant's part after Medicare has paid the percentage that it pays, so the participant may end up paying nothing out of pocket.

TRICARE For Life participants can visit any authorized provider for services, notes TRICARE.mil. The provider then files a claim with Medicare for provided services, and Medicare pays its portion to the provider before sending the claim to TRICARE For Life. TRICARE then kicks in and pays the provider for the services covered so that the participants doesn't have to pay. For services covered by both Medicare and TRICARE For Life, the participant pays nothing out of pocket.

Although there are no enrollment fees for TRICARE For Life, it is a Medicare Part B plan, so participants must pay their Part B premiums. Part B premiums are income-based. Participants may be eligible for TRICARE For Life if they have both Medicare Parts A and B. The participant must also be a uniformed service member, member of the service member's family or a survivor or former spouse of the service member. Medal of Honor recipients their families, and people registered with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System are also eligible.