What Are the Benefits of a Total Visa Credit Card?


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If used wisely, a Total Visa credit card gives cardholders the benefit of improving their credit scores, as it sends monthly reports to all three major credit bureaus. Like all Visa cards, it is an accepted form of payment for merchants all over the United States and online, explains CreditCards.com.

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The application process for this type of credit card is quick and hassle-free, notes CompareCards.com. Online applications receive answers within a few seconds. After approval, the only thing new cardholders must do in order to access their available credit is to pay the processing fee for opening a bank account. After a cardholder opens an account, the creditor charges an annual fee.

Thanks to its manageable minimum payments, the Total Visa credit card is suitable for people with lower credit scores who seek effective methods to improve them, according to CompareCards.com. Cardholders who get accepted and then use this card consistently to pay for their monthly purchases can establish better track records in as little as six months to a year. Improved credit scores result only if the cardholder always takes care to pay off the balance before the due date; neglecting to pay at least the minimum payment each month can do cardholders more harm than good.

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