What Are the Benefits of Texas State Government Jobs?

Employees of the Texas state government receive a total compensation package that includes a base salary, health insurance, paid time off, job development and training education, sick leave and retirement benefits, as stated by the Texas State Auditor's Office. Some benefits may vary based on the exact job role and government department in which the state government employee works. For example, some departments or job roles may offer scheduling flexibility to its employees, but this is not necessarily the case for all Texas state government jobs.

In addition to benefit components, such as salary, and financial benefits, such as insurance, the Texas State Auditor's Office also cites intangible work experience perks as a type of benefits state employees can reap from their jobs. This includes a rewarding work environment that presents welcome challenges to employees.

Prospective employees may want to research the exact benefits an individual Texas state government department offers. For example, the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) offers miscellaneous benefits to employees, such as disability income protection, affordable legal help and tuition assistance for part-time higher education efforts, as described on the DOT's website. Employees in this department may also be eligible for longevity pay based on the duration of their tenure with the Texas DOT.