What Are the Benefits of Taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D?


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People with significant vitamin D deficiency benefit from vitamin D in dosages as significant as 50,000 IU each week for a short period of time, but doctors recommend a lower dosage over a longer period of time, notes U.S. News. Short weekly regimens with 50,000 IU dosage don't cause toxicity.

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The body develops vitamin D as a result of exposure to sunlight in addition to drawing it from the diet and supplements. Research has shown that this vitamin boosts the absorption of calcium from food in the intestines, and it also facilitates the construction of healthy bone, working in the same way as osteoblasts, as stated by U.S. News.

Additional research shows that vitamin D helps with reducing the danger of Type II diabetes and autoimmune responses attacking the thyroid gland. Deficiency in vitamin D potentially contributes to autoimmune system attacks on the body's own glands and cells. When people have deficiency and are placed on a 50,000 IU weekly dosage, some make the mistake of taking the pills daily, leading to complications from excessive intake, reports U.S. News. Before starting any new regimen of supplements, it's wise to visit with a physician, as this represents a significant nutritional change. Understanding potential interactions and effects is a must before introducing new supplements to the body.

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