What Are Some Benefits of State Farm Auto Insurance?

Some of the benefits of State Farm auto insurance include availability of customized coverage options, discounts, assistance by agents in finding the right policy and quick processing of claims, explains State Farm. The company also offers a fast quote process online to make it easy for clients to find their preferred coverage.

State Farm offers customized coverage with options for classic or antique vehicles, as well. Once clients get an auto insurance quote, they get discounts based on eligibility. The customer's vehicle, permanent residence, amount of time that he drives and driving record determines the price. In most states, factors such as marital status, gender and age also help to determine any discounts. In the case of an accident, the company allows its clients to report a claim through its agents or online with the Pocket Agent mobile application. Subject to the conditions and terms of the policy, State Farm pays for the damages, allowing the client to choose between one of its select service facilities or his preferred repair shop.

Life events that alter an auto insurance policy with State Farm include adding a new teen driver as well as when the client buys another car, he gets married, moves to another state or decides to change deductibles, explains State Farm.