What Are the Benefits of Sponsoring a Child From a Foreign Country?


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The benefits of sponsoring a child from a foreign country include the opportunity to provide poverty-ridden children and families with access to clean water, education, health care, improved nutrition and clothing. Children sponsored by private individuals also have the opportunity to meet new people and receive letters and gifts from their sponsors.

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Funding from sponsoring a child in a foreign country allows agencies to secure grants to fund schools and educational programs; corporate gifts to develop crops and fields in rural areas; and resources from local governments to provide food and shelter for underprivileged children and families. One-time donations also help to sponsor social activities for children in foreign countries to participate in throughout the year.

A child sponsorship also helps to fund community programs that provide preschool for children, nutritional programs for families and school-aged children, and workforce programs for parents struggling to support their dependents. Sponsorships provide opportunities for medical and dental care in addition to family assistance with counseling. Many agencies that organize child sponsorships also provide emergency food for children.

Private individuals, families and schools can sponsor children in foreign countries. Teachers can organize a sponsorship that encourages communication between school-aged children from different countries to gain a better understanding of different cultures.

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