What Are the Benefits of the Simplicity Credit Card?

As of 2015, Citi Bank's Simplicity credit card offers a zero percent introductory annual percentage rate for the first 21 months of account ownership with a variable APR of 12.99 to 22.99 percent afterward based on creditworthiness, according to Citi.com. The card never charges late fees, annual fees or penalty rates, and has a low balance transfer fee of five dollars or three percent of the transfer amount, whichever is greater.

In addition, the Citi Simplicity card offers fast customer service that gives cardholders the option to just say "representative" whenever calling the card's customer service number, notes Citi.com. The card also comes with Citi's Price Rewind guarantee on items purchased. Citi searches for lower prices on items after the cardholder makes a purchase and refunds the purchase price up to $300 per item when it finds a lower price.

The card provides users with automatic account alerts in regards to balance levels, over-the-limit charges and payments due. Alerts are delivered via email or text.

Cardholders enjoy worldwide car rental insurance using the Simplicity card. As of 2015, this provides coverage for damages up to $50,000 for rental cars paid for with the card, states Citi.com. The card also offers travel and emergency assistance around the clock. This includes medical and legal referrals and emergency travel arrangements.