What Are the Benefits of Rite-Aid's Wellness Program?

What Are the Benefits of Rite-Aid's Wellness Program?

Rite Aid users that sign up for the wellness+ program have the opportunity to earn discounts, get rewarded with exclusive sale prices and 24/7 access to a pharmacist. Wellness+ status points are earned towards tiered discounts at Rite Aid.

The wellness+ with Plenti rewards program offers users more benefits than the original wellness+ rewards program. Rite Aid joined with Plenti to form the wellness+ with Plenti program. This program allows members of the rewards club to continue to earn wellness+ status discounts, as well as rewards that may be redeemed with Plenti partners.

Wellness+ points are points earned towards Bronze, Silver and Gold level discounts. One point is awarded for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. New members are assigned Bronze status. Bronze status applies to members with 0-499 points. Every time a Bronze level member earns 100 points, a one-time-use 10 percent off voucher is awarded.

The next reward level, Silver, is assigned when members accumulate 500 points. Members with 500-999 points are rewarded with a 10 percent discount on almost all products. This benefit is active for one year. At 1,000 points, members are awarded Gold status and receive 20 percent discount on almost all store products for 1 year.

Plenti points are additional points that may be earned and applied to eligible Rite Aid products and products from some Plenti partners. Plenti point benefits include the ability toexchange reward points for savings at selected partners including Exxon, Macy's and AT&T.