What Are the Benefits of Retiring in Australia?


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Australia is an English-speaking country with a relatively high standard of living, comparable to what many retirees' experience in America, but for a fraction of the cost. Australia rates high on the list of ex-pat safe havens because of its clean environment, reputable health care facilities, and its varied climate and abundance of natural resources.

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Ex-pats including retirees often seek the company of others who share the same language or cultural background as themselves, and moving to an English-speaking country increases the ease with which retirees can integrate into society on a practical level. A shared language makes it easy to discuss health concerns, how to get help or how to find the nearest grocer.

Australia is not as cheap as neighboring Southeast Asian countries, but a number of Australians who retire there leave empty houses for rent back home. As of 2015, cities such as Perth and Adelaide are more affordable than Sydney and Melbourne, according to Investopedia. Australia also offers a high quality of health care, but those who move to Australia on visas must secure insurance from private providers, advises the Expat Info Desk.

The Daily Finance reports in 2013 that the Australian economy is strong and investments give future retirees substantial returns for their later years. This market trend ensures a high standard of living for those who choose to move to Australia with something already in their pockets.

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