What Benefits Do Retired Veterans Receive?


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The four major veteran benefit programs are disability compensation, veterans pension programs, education programs, and free or low cost medical services from VA facilities, according to Military.com. Additional benefits include home loan guarantees, job training, small business loans, burials and memorials. Veterans are also eligible for PTSD support and counseling.

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Initial veterans benefits applicants must submit service discharge documents detailing their dates of service and type of discharge or submit documentation of their full names, dates of service, military service numbers and military branch, explains Military.com. Veterans benefits are available for veterans who were discharged under honorable conditions from active military service.

Military veterans with a service-related disability may be eligible for up to $3,300 a month in disability compensation, reports Military.com. Eligible veterans sustained injury or disease during active military service or had prior conditions exacerbated by active military service. Veteran disability compensation is tax free. It is possible to receive additional compensation for loss of limbs, a spouse, children, dependent parents or a disabled spouse.

Disabled veterans may be eligible for reimbursement of gas mileage or public transportation fares, says Military.com. Travel reimbursement is payable to veterans with a service-related disability of 30 percent or above, veterans traveling for treatment of a service-related injury, veterans receiving VA pension and low-income veterans.

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