What Are the Benefits of Renting a House Directly From a Private Owner?


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Cheaper rent is one of the most often cited reasons for renting a house directly from a private owner rather than a company. Not being required to pass a credit check is another.

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Lower rent from private property owners is a direct result of lower overhead. The property owner does not have to pay an office to oversee the property or do paperwork, and the tenant receives the savings. The move in process is much faster with a private landlord because there are no middlemen and paperwork to go through to complete the move in process. These landlords want to rent the property as quickly as possible.

Short or no contract agreement for tenancy length is another benefit of renting from a private landlord. Commercial rental agreements typically have longer tenancy built into the contract and have penalties

built-in if the agreement is broken.

Additionally, private landlords are often easier to access and make request of than landlords through an agency. A private landlord does not typically have more than one tenant, which gives them priority.

Additionally, there are typically no hidden fees with private landlords. Rental agents have administrative fees, credit check fees, and other fees that a private landlord does not typically impose.

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