What Are the Benefits of Registering a Subway Card?

Benefits of registering a Subway card include complimentary points that can be applied towards receiving free food and bonus offers from Subway that can result in discounts on menu items. The card can also provide access to Subway gift cards registered with the account.

As of September 2015, registering a Subway card provides 50 instant bonus points, enough to buy a 6-inch regular sub. Using the card also earns the customer an additional point for every $1 spent.

Registered cards are reloadable and are renewable upon expiration. Funds can be added at any location or online using cash or a credit card. Ecards, however, can only be reloaded online.

The balance of a registered card belongs to the cardholder and is protected from theft through the card program. Only one card can be held per customer, and it must be verified through a valid e-mail account. Damaged or lost cards can be replaced with a phone call, but it may take two to three weeks for a replacement to arrive. Although only the mobile phone number linked to a registered Subway card is required at checkout to earn points with purchases, the physical card is required to redeem earned points for free food.