What Are the Benefits of Registering a Product?


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A common benefit of registering a product is better warranty coverage. In addition, companies can more easily notify product owners about recalls when safety issues and defects arise. Other benefits of product registration vary among product types and manufacturers.

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Companies typically provide limitations to their product warranties and remove such limitations only when owners have filed for product registration. However, Consumer Reports suggests writing only the necessary information when filling out the product registration form. Doing so helps product owners protect their privacy and prevents unsolicited marketers from learning personal information. In some cases, product registration is optional, and owners can still file warranty claims by presenting their sales receipts.

Having registration information on file helps companies easily contact their customers for emergencies and product recalls. Defects in design may prevent appliances and other products from working as intended. In some cases, faulty products may even expose their users to potential dangers, such as fire, intoxication and electrocution.

Owners may enjoy other benefits depending on the type of product. For instance, registering on Apple helps a user track his iPhone or iPad online in case of loss or theft. Some companies may reward owners with incentives, such as extended warranty protection, for registered products.

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