What Benefits to Real Estate Agents Do Obeo Virtual Tours Provide?

Obeo virtual tours help real estate agents showcase homes they are presenting to customers using photographs, professional videos, floor plans and layouts.Obeo virtual tours encompass virtual staging, which provides a realistic view of homes with furniture and decorations set up, and interactive floor plans, which help customers feel as though they are walking through the home, notes Obeo.com.

One key aspect of Obeo's virtual tours is photography. The company works with photographs submitted by real estate agents and uses in-house photographers to create an enticing view of the home for sale, according to Obeo.com. Photo-editing techniques include adding a blue sky, green grass or twilight lighting, and photographers may capture aerial images of the property.

Professional videos are another component of Obeo's virtual tours. Videos promote homes on the market by pointing out their history, salient features and unique characteristics. These videos give potential viewers a history of the home they are viewing and give them a detailed, accurate view of the home's interior.

Staging is also part of Obeo's tours. Virtual staging involves taking a flat floor plan or layout and bringing it to life with images of furnishings and decorations. This gives prospective buyers an idea of the amount of space a home has and helps them plan their own design schemes. These tours can use stock furniture selected by designers or show the home outfitted with a prospective buyer's own furniture for a personalized view of the potential future home.