What Are the Benefits Provided by Edjoin Schools to Employees?

Some benefits that the Edjoin schools website provides to employees or job seekers include basic and advanced job searching, a calendar of events and links to social media communities. The website also offers a page of technical support and a Frequently Asked Questions bank.

Employees and job seekers can search for school jobs with the basic search engine by typing in a job title, city or state and hitting the Search button. They can search for jobs with the advanced search engine by entering keywords, position type, posting time and location. Edjoin also has a regional job search feature for searching by state, region or organization. The website then pulls up a list of hits that users can click on to view job descriptions and application procedures, and some positions also list employee benefits such as health insurance, when applicable.

Edjoin's calendar of events page posts recruitment and other events for employees and job seekers, along with event locations and dates. Users can click on event entries to view detailed information. Links to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube provide Edjoin members with community and additional educational updates.

Users need to create a personal Edjoin account to take full advantage of the website's benefits.