What Are the Benefits of Principal Dental?

Benefits of a traditional Principal dental insurance plan include flexible employee plans for preventive, basic and major services. Regular cleanings, dental exams, fillings and other procedures are covered in several plans available through group insurance at workplaces. Principal's voluntary dental insurance supplements employer-provided insurance by letting employees upgrade basic coverage based on their own needs, according to Principal's official website.

As of November 2014, Principal's online provider directory lists more than 150,000 dental providers through the Principal Plan Dental Network, notes New Dental Choice. Employees can see dentists within Preferred Provider Organization networks for less money than those outside the network. Principal dental insurance has benefit levels for non-networked providers, but that benefit level is different from networked providers. Insured employees may have to pay all or part of fees not covered by benefit plans, explains Principal's official website.

Basic Principal dental insurance for employee groups starts when 75 percent of a workforce enrolls in the program. Principal lets employers offer more than one benefit plan when 10 or more employees enroll cumulatively, according to Principal's official website. More choices saves money for employers who pay for plans and employees who may want to pay for extra coverage. Employers may pay all or a portion of the basic premium for coverage. Pre-tax dental insurance payroll deductions may save employees money in the long-term.