What Are Some Benefits of Premier Health Insurance?

Premier Health Insurance offers plans for individuals, families and corporations designed for a variety of income levels and health care needs. Premier Health also has a large network of physicians, specialists and pharmacists to serve patients' needs, as noted on the company's official website. It offers physical services and lets consumers manage their health insurance through the website, which has bill pay, appointment scheduling and contact information.

Premier Health is based in southwest Ohio. Its network includes area hospitals, more than 2,000 physicians and specialists in approximately 70 fields as of 2015, notes the organization's website. Its specialists work in areas including neurology, orthopedics and cardiology.

In addition to these fields, Premier Health offers extensive women's health services and neonatal coverage. It maintains a Neonatal Intensive Care unit at Miami Valley Hospital in Ohio, along with several offices. Premier Health also has care for seniors and offers extensive rehabilitation care, including the Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio at Miami Valley Hospital.

For its members, Premier Health has comparison tools and plan layouts to help individuals, families and employers evaluate coverage options. Plans vary in extent of coverage, benefits and cost. Premier Health provides financial assistance for physicians, specialists, and Medicare recipients. Its Medicare plans include the services above along with wellness and health care programs and medication management. Premier Health partners with various pharmacies in its territory to help patients access their medications.