What Are the Benefits of a Pep Boys CarCareOne Credit Card?

The Pep Boys CarCareOne credit card includes such benefits as acceptance at all Pep Boys locations and no annual fee for the card, according to Pep Boys. Users of the card also have the advantage of special financing on purchases.

Cardholders can use the CarCareOne credit card at any Pep Boys location, including those in Puerto Rico, notes Pep Boys. Clients can use the card to purchase any available item at the location, such as tires, alternators or voltage regulators. Customers can use the credit card to pay for repairs done to the car, such as tire changes or oil changes.

Cardholders also enjoy the benefit of no annual fee during their card owndeship, explains Pep Boys. Customers who spend over approximately $200 can receive six months interest-free financing. Purchases that are $750 or more can receive 12 months at a 0 percent interest rate, as of July 2015.

Another benefit of the Pep Boys CarCareOne credit card is a 25-day grace period on all items bought under $200, reports Pep Boys. During the grace period, the items incur no interest. Cardholders also have the benefit of small monthly payments. This means customers can expect to pay a minimum payment of the lesser amount of $25 or 5 percent of the outstanding balance, as of 2015.