What Are Some Benefits of Owning Wind or Hail Insurance?


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Benefits of owning wind and hail insurance include receiving money for home exterior and interior reconstruction, roof repairs and possession reimbursement in the event of wind and hail, claims Ameriprise. Some auto policies also offer wind and hail insurance to cover vehicle damages.

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Hail is created by thunderstorms and usually around the size of a green pea, states About.com. Severe storms create larger hailstones, sometimes around the size of a baseball. Large hailstones pose a threat to physical safety, and more commonly cause property damage. Since hail is formed during thunderstorms, damages are usually caused by a combination of hailstones and wind.

To prepare for a hailstorm, listen to the radio and TV for live updates, according to Ameriprise. Stay away from windows and take shelter in the basement if possible. Move vehicles into a garage or under an awning. Reinforce the roof covering with top-quality roofing and high-grade shingles. Install windows and doors with double-pane glass for increased protection. Assemble emergency supplies, such as food and water, first aid kit, change of clothing and emergency tools, recommends Allstate.

If there are damages after the storm, call your insurance provider to initiate an insurance claim as soon as possible, suggests Ameriprise. Take pictures of your home and valuables before the storm and the damages after the storm. Ideally, store photos in a remote location to avoid misplacing the pictures during the storm.

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