What are some of the benefits of organic agriculture?


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The benefits of organic agriculture include less pollution and soil loss, better flavor of food, and avoidance of cloned or genetically modified foods. In addition, many organic farmers are able to turn a profit, and organic farms promote diversity of wildlife.

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Insecticides used in industrial or standard agriculture kill insects, and therefore the animals that feed on them have no food, which affects the entire food chain. Wildlife gathers near organic farms. Synthetic fertilizers can flow downstream to pollute and cause dead zones in seas and oceans. These problems are avoided with organic agriculture, which does not use insecticides, antibiotics or herbicides, all of which pollute. Also, experts blame the chemical fertilizers and mono-crops of industrial farms for loss of topsoil.

The only assurance people have that they're not eating food from cloned animals or animals that have been given hormones is to eat organic food.

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