What Are the Benefits of Olympus Home Insurance?


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Olympus homeowners insurance offers liability and property coverage for homes that range between $100,000 and $2 million in value. Homeowners insurance protects against costs related to interior and exterior damages, possessions in the house and accidents on the property, explains Investopedia. Olympus also offers an enhanced coverage package for additional protection.

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All basic homeowners insurance policies include 25 percent Ordinance and Law coverage instead of the more common 10 percent, according to Olympus Insurance. Replacement coverage is available to all customers, with Olympus covering the purchase cost of any damaged or stolen items. Basic policies also cover replacements for pool screen enclosures. Scheduled property coverage applies to valuable property in the home such as jewelry, furs, rare collectibles and other expensive items. This policy comes with higher limits on coverage, no deductible and blanket coverage of up to $350,000 for jewelry.

Spartan Enhanced Coverage offers five times more protection for property and personal liability than basic coverage, states Olympus Insurance. For example, property protection covers damaged locks, lost or stolen keys, water damage in sewers or drains, and reimbursement of identity fraud-related expenses. There are personal liability limits of $500,000 and medical coverage limits of $5,000. Personal liability coverage also extends to emotional damage.

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