What Are Some Benefits Offered by Medex?

Medex Bronze covers 100 percent of deductibles and co-payments on doctor visits, hospitalization and ambulatory care. It also provides full coverage for necessary medical care outside of the United States, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Medex offers a number of other benefits to its customers. It covers one routine hearing exam once every two years. If needed, Medex pays up to $200 for hearing aids every two calendar years. The insurance also covers one routine vision exam every two years and up to $100 for eyeglasses or contacts every two years.

Medex customers living in Massachusetts who are over the age of 65 also receive dental coverage. Dental coverage includes the ability to choose a dentist from an extensive network, and affordable monthly premiums. Some plans cover preventive services while others require a co-payment or deductible. Check with Blue Cross Blue Shield for more information.

One thing Medex does not cover is prescription medications. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a Medicare Part D prescription plan to help offset the costs of medications, notes the company.

By visiting the Blue Cross Blue Shield website, users can compare plans, find a complete outline of coverage and benefits, and choose an in-network doctor.